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The San Ramon Valley Fire District and Rotarians At Work assisted the community with their annual SMOKE ALARM PROJECT. Thank you to all for participating!
By: Gary Sloan
The Meeting of the San Ramon Rotary Club was called to order by Kathy (African Queen) Gailey at 12:15pm where Mark Hornstra, the Greeter for the day was introduced a gave a thought for the day.  “What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals”.  The flag salute was followed by a rousing rendition of My Country Tis of Thee. 
The club was treated to Mark sharing his life’s passion and work to provide alternative energy solutions to third world countries, most recently, India and Africa.  He shared that 1.4 billion people go without electricity in the world and the start-up company with which he is affiliated seeks to provide electricity through innovative approaches.  Mark has two grown kids who are accomplished in their own rights and has lived in the community for 25 years.
Visiting Rotarians from Livermore Valley (George Wineinger) and from Downtown Pleasanton (Ricky Walters) were introduced along with the Student of the month and the Interact Liaison.
The venerable Gary Sloan announced the upcoming Demotion Dinner to be held on June 1st at the Gallagher home.  A catered affair will begin at 6:00 pm with an Academy Award Theme.  Don’t miss this event at a cost of $50 per person.
Gary also shared information on an event that the San Ramon Leadership was sponsoring to support Discovery Counseling.  Go to , select Discovery Counseling Center and buy tickets to Born China, a Disney film about Pandas so that funds will benefit this worthy cause.
Guy Greco asked golfer to get back in the swing of things by sponsoring a tournament now that the season has begun.
Stacey Litteral made a plea to support Kids Country in their East Bay Gives which contributes to Non-profits.  On May 4th (“May the 4th be with you” theme) there is a social media challenge where photos with the Kids Country sign may yield funds to the program.  Stacey snapped some pictures of Rotarians holding her sign in support of the cause.  Funds will go to supporting summer scholarship grants which cost $3,000 per summer session.
Herman Welm revealed a miracle that his wife would be returning from Italy soon.  This absence is no doubt the secret to Herman’s long and successful marriage.
Ricky Walters from the Pleasanton Rotary Club announced their 4th annual poker tournament which for $100 includes dinner, drinks, chip buy in and rebuy and prizes of $500, $400 and $300 going to the top three finishers.
Norbert announced that the Art and Wind Festival would soon be upon us.  Edgardo was his special volunteer with sign ups for May 28th and 29th.
April Interact update: Swetha Sankar, the Interact Liaison shared that our very busy high school Interact participants will help with the Sunny Glen Smoke Detector Alarms on April 22nd from 8:45 a.m.  to 1p.m. They are also actively promoting the Boar Cruise which will take place on May 27th.  On April 29th Cal High will take part in the Cycle Nation Association in concert with the American Heart Association Cyclenatron, a biking marathon where Interact members will help with set up, clean up and rest stops.  In May, Cal High will be serving Chinese from Peking Delight at the Arts and Wind Festival.  They need bottled water, folding chairs and fire extinguisher.  You may want to put your logo on the water bottles for advertising purposes.   Finally, the Interact Board has been selected to lead next year’s great events.
Student of the Month
Colette Lay proudly announced the Student of the Month, Arman Kermanizadeh, with his beaming mother, Khush Kermanizadeh, taking the mandatory parent pictures.   Arman’s teacher from Cal High was Angela Pimentel, gushed her praise of this student who she described as a super star.  Arman is very active in the community mentoring kids through basketball clinics and life skills lessons.  He was described as a model of “Service above Self” and his accolades to his teacher was heart-warming as he described her as the most remarkable person upon whom he could depend.   He was presented with a certificate of achievement, parking pass and our praise.  Arman plans to attend DVC then transfer to a U.C. campus.
Kathy introduced our Speaker for the day.  Rotarians who missed this meeting missed the best program of the year.  Mike Toy was named 2015 San Francisco Entertainer of the Year.  He is the author of “Its Not Magic: Secrets to Influencing People”.  He specializing in using psychology, persuasion and Jedi mind tricks to give you the power of influence in your personal and professional relationships.  He has been on over 1000 stages and did not disappoint.   Using magic demonstrations, Mike Toy shared his efforts to start a business early in his life which failed and the lessons he learned.  Specifically he learned how to be successful requires influencing people.  He discovered that people like to do business with who they know, like and trust but you need to facilitate this process.  Interspersing some pretty amazing magic tricks he share three steps to influencing people. 
  1.  “Do it to get through it” – Demonstrated by plunging a sword through Colette’s throat
  2. “Be more interested in people than interesting – Great card trick with Kathy
  3. “Don’t take it – Trash negativism:  Barry, Mike and Gary were shown the power of mind tricks
Great entertainment!  Good message and a great way to spend a Thursday lunch with friends.
The greeter’s gift was $20 but I am not sure who won it since I was so overwhelmed at having the chance to win $170 resulting in pulling a blue marble and $10.  The meeting was adjourned at 1:15 pm.
By: Hermann Welm
President Kathy Gailey, “The African Queen,” called the meeting to order, reminding us that the R.I. President is John F. Germ and his theme for the year is “Rotary Serving Humanity.”
Our Greeter, Ray Giles, led us in the Salute to the Flag and gave us his Thought for the Day, “Teachers are like candles, burning bright to light the way for others.”
This Scribe then led the group in the singing a Patriotic Song, “God Bless America.”
Visiting Rotarians:  San Ramon Mayor Bill Clarkson, formerly of our club, and now with the Dougherty Valley/San Ramon club.
Other Visitors:   The San Ramon Police Department’s School Resource Officers, including Mark Gunning; two members of the San Ramon Valley Unified School District’s Board of Directors, Rachel Hurd and Mark Jewitt; Christene Burr, Executive Director of the Education Foundation, and lots of teachers and principals, who are named, below.
Program:  Chris Gayler hosted the “Educator of the Year” presentations and introduced the several “persenters” who would be handling the details.
First up, Mike Prilutsky, who introduced the first five nominees:
Bella Vista Elementary’s Principal, Barb Mallon, nominated Anelyse George, a 4th grade teacher and Lead Teacher, who develops creative, engaging lessons that meet her students positive energy is an inspiration to both her students and her peers. 
Bollinger Canyon Elementary’s Principal, Shawn Wells , nominated Nora Atkinson, a Special Day Grades 4/5 teacher, who, day in and day out, shows up with a smile and the positive energy it takes to support our most challenging and amazing children.
California High School’s Principal, Sarah Cranford, nominated Jessica Heagle, who teaches AP English, Spanish, and Careers in Teaching.  Jessie is a teacher who strives for excellence and believes in providing rigorous learning experiences for all students.  Her strengths and knowledge are a constant source of excitement for our students and inspiration for our staff. 
Country Club Elementary’s Principal, Christy Glaser, nominated Allison Jensen, a Kindergarten teacher, who does everything possible to create an environment of happy learners. She goes above and beyond to meet the needs of her students and builds collaborative relationships with families.
Coyote Creek Elementary’s Principal, Bill Alpert, nominated Colette Blessum, a Kindergarten teacher, who works tirelessly day in and day out to make sure she is meeting each student’s needs in her class. She is a most caring individual. 
Next up to present was Lucky Sandhu:
Gale Ranch Middle School’s Principal, Sue Goldman, nominated Andrea Calloway, a School Counselor.  Every year, during Words Matter Week, Andrea works directly with students to create amazing activities that embody our philosophy of inclusion and kindness.  This year, she has created a program called “Greet a Gryphon” in which students volunteer to greet brand new students, introduce them to friends and ensure they are not alone at lunch. 
Golden View Elementary’s Principal, Christine Huajardo, nominated Tiffany Burgermeister, a Teacher 1/2 Combo Class.  Tiffany is patient, kind and thoughtful with her work, and most of all, goes above and beyond to provide for children.  She has poured her heart and soul into her combination class and as a result 24 brilliant minds will be forever touched by her excellence.
Hidden Hills Elementary’s Principal, Melodie Huynh, nominated Rebecca Scherer, a Resource Teacher, always ready to help a student who may be struggling.  Rebecca’s love for our community and the students in her care is evident in her daily actions.
Iron Horse Middle School’s Principal, Joe Nguyen, nominated Pam Serzen-Dayton, a 7th Grade Science teacher, who has taught for 30 years in total, 20 of those years here at Iron Horse Middle School. In addition to teaching her Science classes, Pam has taken on multiple leadership roles at Iron Horse.
Next up as Presenter, John Millich:
Live Oak Elementary’s Principal, Nadine Rosenzweig, nominated Chi Shui, a Teacher on Special Assignment.  He is supporting 45 teachers with technology training and education.
Montevideo Elementary’s Principal, Tasha Snow, nominated Sarah Hypes, a Second Grade teacher, whose positive energy is an inspiration to both her students and her peers. 
Neil Armstrong Elementary’s Principal, Lorna Monteith, nominated Jessica Golden, her Library Media Coordinator.  The school’s library is a warm, welcoming and supportive place for both the staff and the students.
Pine Valley Middle School’s Principal, Jason Law, nominated Stephanie Huff, the School Psychologist, whose passion and dedication to all students and staff are immeasurable. Students feel comfortable to be vulnerable with her and know that she is their rock of support.
Our final Presenter was Paula Gross:
Quail Run Elementary’s Principal, Mimi Quan, nominated Eva Yee, a Science Specialist.  She has done an amazing job transitioning the school into the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).  She has worked with each grade level to help make this transition as smooth as possible
Twin Creeks Elementary’s Principal, Shelli Kravitz, nominated Allison Adams, a 2nd Grade teacher, who constantly looks for ways to improve herself as an educator.  She attends workshops so she can grow professionally and better serve not only her students, but all Twin Creeks students. 
Venture School’s Principal, Matt Chamberlain, nominated Melanie Harris.  From his observations and discussions, there is no one who more exemplifies “Service above Self” than Melanie.  She has solid relationships with her students, whereby she personlizes instruction and develops strong connections with her warm and caring rapport.
Walt Disney Elementary’s Principal, Curtis Haar, nominated Becky Rodriguez, a 5th Grade teacher, who has transitioned to teaching a new grade level this year after multiple years of volunteering to take on the challenge of teaching a combination class. This puts additional responsibility upon Becky and she has always handled it with grace.
Windemere Ranch Middle School’s Principal, Dave Bolin, nominated, Lee Heagle, a 7th Grade Core teacher.  Mr. Heagle is a veteran middle school core teacher who has been instrumental in our implementation of our Response to Intervention (RtI) program that provides academic support for all of our students. This year we implemented a schedule change that provides two “tutorial” periods each week for students to receive specific, targeted assistance.
Chris Gayler commented on the significant educational talent present in the room!
There followed an additional round of applause plus the mandatory Group Picture.
No Raffle this Week!
By: Dr. Bill Harlan
Our Rotarians hosted about 40 men and women of the Trinity Center for lunch today.  We were greeted by Donna Columbo, the Executive Director of the center.  We observed that for three years the Club had arranged this event, and each time it had rained. (Coincidence?) Donna explained that Trinity offers a place for homeless people to shower, do laundry, eat meals and have access to substance abuse counselling and housing assistance.  They are looking forward to a new facility with more space and additional services.  The center will hold its annual fund-raising gala soon and could use some help from volunteers.  Contact Horace Crawford for more details.
We dined on a Mexican lunch, served al fresco in the rain.
President Kathy Gailey, our own “African Queen,” gave a quick overview of Rotary, “1.2 million people around the world in over 120 countries who get together to do good.”  She told the group how much we enjoy coming to Trinity each year to break bread (or in this case, tortilla chips).  Kathy announced that we are forming a bocce ball team for competition with other clubs on May 30.  If you can toss a bocce without causing physical damage to yourselves or others, see Kathy.  Rotary will host a club assembly on Saturday, May 13 at College Park High School in Pleasant Hill. Newer members are especially invited to attend.
The inimitable Karen McNamara conducted a raffle for our guests, giving away the fetching centerpieces on the table, which consisted of small baskets with useful items for people who spend a lot of time outdoors.  The raffle concluded with the awarding of gift certificates to a few lucky people.  Karen was assisted by the affable Guy Greco.
While the raffle was going on, Paula Silva and her assistant handed out “Blessing bags,” filled with toiletries.  Paula and her group had assembled over 100 bags for the Center clients.
Horace Crawford, our Trinity Connection, thanked all who had helped make the luncheon a success: Tony, Yvonne, Jim, Billy and of course the inestimable Karen McNamara and Peggy Crawford. 
This correspondent missed the chance at the yellow marble and had to content himself with a mango ice cream bar.  Ed Duarte will be next week’s Greeter.
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