Speaker Date Topic
Presentation on Camp Venture/Camp Royal Jul 25, 2019
Hear from students who attended this year's camps.
David Victor Aug 01, 2019
Harmony and Healing


John Benus Aug 08, 2019
Facts for Life
Dan McGovern Aug 15, 2019
The 20th Annual Eugene O Neill Festival


Haunted Poets

All of us wrestle with our demons. The choices we’ve made or the people we’ve hurt or who hurt us follow us throughout our lives. Often these painful episodes involve those closest to us. A great writer is one who finds a way to tell the story of these struggles in such a way that we can recognize that their story is in part our story. At the heart of this year’s Eugene O’Neill Festival will be the soul-stirring artistic confessions of two of our greatest haunted poets: Eugene O’Neill and Tennessee Williams. The festival will feature productions of O’Neill’s Long Day’s Journey Into Night at Tao House and Williams’ The Glass Menagerie at the Village Theatre in downtown Danville.  These plays are powerful and poetic demonstrations of how, for these playwrights, the ghosts of the past continued to haunt their imaginations.



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