CROW’S CALL FOR FEBRUARY 11, 2021 by Tom Port
Ring of the Bell: The theme of this year from R. I. President Holger Knaack is “Rotary Opens Opportunities”. Rotarians are expected to create opportunities to strengthen their leadership, help put service ideas into action, and improve the lives of those in need.
Greeter: Tom Port presented the “Thought for the Day”: Our greatest fear in life should not be of failure, but of succeeding at things that don’t really matter”. Francis Chan
Visiting Rotarians: There were none.
Greeter’s Profile:  Tom Port is a mostly retired attorney who still has one client in Nevada. This has to do with the production and marketing of an all-natural, zero calorie sweetener. His Valentine is his wife, Judy Thomas, who taught arboriculture and horticulture for 30 years at Merit College in Oakland. He has one son, Ian, who is a writer and has published a book titled “The birth of Loud” about the development of electronic guitars and electronic music generally.
The Welcome Song: was intended to be “Aloha!”.  If it happened everyone in attendance must have had their mute button on.
Our President and Master of Ceremonies for the day, Chris, with an assist from his lovely wife Renee, treated us to a Valentine’s Day Extravaganza, over ZOOM, of course.
Chris then opened with humorous anecdotes such as: An ad for cat litter featuring monogramed cat poop; a Texas lawyer who failed to check his filters during a ZOOM court appearance and ended up looking like his pet cat.
All present virtually were asked to say what Valentine’s Day meant to them.
Then everyone was asked to think of something the others would not know and make up a story about it. Then we had to guess whether the story was true or false. “Truth or Tale”. A box of chocolate and box of truffles were the prizes. Priya chose the winners: Kerry Richard got the chocolates and Kathy Gailey the truffles.
Julie  McKinney held the Raffle. Hermann Welm won a $50 gift card and Mike Conklin was a shot at the Progressive (worth $50) but lost.
Next Greeter: Marv Remmich
Program: L Bhavya Doshi, East Bay Community Rotaract President