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The Rotary Club of San Ramon
 Honorary  Rotarians
Honorary membership is the highest distinction that a club may bestow. Honorary membership is exclusively given for meritorious service in the furtherance of Rotary ideals.
Joyce Castro by Rick Probert.
          Joyce works for the San Ramon Valley District Fire Protection District. She has been a key person in the success and coordination of the Club’s annual Smoke Alarm Project at Sunny Glen providing information about the residents who wish to be visited by our members to have the smoke alarm needs met. Her recognition is long over due.
Mark Corti by Mark von Hoetzendorf.
          Mark was a long time supporter of Rotary and the Interact Club at California High School. He facilitated many events for Rotary: support for booster club, and attended Rotary lunches introducing Students of the Month. He is now retired and would make a wonderful active member of our club.
Carolyn Degnan by Kathy Gailey
          Carolyn continues to help with Rotary projects even though she is no longer a member of our club. She helps out at the Art and Wind Festival, our Christmas Tree lot, and many other events where needed. She is still active in our community. A true Rotarian at heart.
Bob Desautels by Bill Harlan.
          While Bob is no longer a member of our Rotary Club, during his tenure with our club he was largely responsible for negotiating the arrangement with the San Ramon Education Foundation that led to our current success with the Christmas Tree lot and the Silent Auction for Education. He has continued to support Rotary in many ways.
Kari Gardella by Robin von Hoetzendorf
          Kari continues to do so much for our club behind the scenes. She not only produces any/all certificates the we use but has also collected all of our grant application, scholarship information and sends out either congratulatory letters or “thank you” letters. She goes above and beyond as a non-Rotarian.
Alex Mehran Jr. by Gary Sloan
          Alex is instrumental in the development of San Ramon’s City Center. He echoes the idea that people in San Ramon now demand more city-like  amenities such as restaurants, entertainment near home and the ability to walk where they need to go. He wants to create a San Ramon “Down town.”
Harvalee Grimm by Robin von Hoetzendorf
          Mrs. Grimm is the College & Career Advisor at Cal High, and is always helping mentor our students and bring Rotarians in for “Brown Bag” speaker lunches at Cal High. She has also agreed to assist with our Shadow Day this year. She has been a long-time supporter of Rotary.