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The Rotary Club of San Ramon
Rotarian of the Year
Selection of our Rotarian of the Year is based primarily on personal commitment and involvement during the current Rotary year. Additional consideration is given to the individual Rotarian’s history of service and involvement in both Rotary and our community. The selection is made by the past recipients, and includes a plaque or trophy and a Paul Harris Fellowship. Many worthy individuals have received this high honor over the years!
Rotarian Year
Victor Moreno 1984-1985
Phil White 1985-1986
Marc Worwick 1986-1987
James Smith 1987-1988
Dennis Harvey 1988-1989
Maynard Crowther 1989-1990
Horace Crawford 1990-1991
Dean Detweiler 1991-1992
Stan Smalley 1992-1993
Bob Desautels 1993-1994
Glen Weber 1994-1995
John Tatum 1995-1996
Jeff Disch 1996-1997
Ed Duarte 1997-1998
Mark von Heotzendorff 1998-1999
Bill Clarkson 1999-2000
Kathe Mitchell 2000-2001
Don French 2001-2002
Kristin Johnson Parsons 2002-2003
Mike Katz 2002-2003
Gary Daniel 2003-2004
Chris Gallagher 2004-2005
Don Jones 2005-2006
John Sims 2006-2007
Jim Livingstone 2007-2008
Dr. Bill Harlan 2008-2009
Robin “Spike” Stevens 2009-2010
Gary Sloan  2010-2011
Paula Silva 2011-2012
Kathy Gailey 2012-2013
Patti Hennigan 2013-2014
Colette Lay 2014-2015
Chris Gayler 2015-2016
Ana Dominguez
Norbert Walz 2017-2018
Marie Galbo 2018-2019
Ray Giles 2019-2020
Julie McKinney 2020-2021
Karen McNamara 2021-2022