Melanie Emig – Educator of the Year
For more than a decade Rotary has conducted this event to recognize the best among our local teachers.  Principals nominate worthy candidates for this award.  Teachers are recognized with a plaque, a letter and a check.
Pine Valley:
Teacher: Larissa Herrera
Principal: Sandy Kontilis
Highlights:  This 8th grade science teacher was recognized for her extraordinary skills in motivating and inspiring students.  Larrisa is an engaging teacher with patience who built strong relations with her students even in a virtual environment.  Larissa has been teaching for 15 years.
Iron Horse:
Teacher: Michelle Hamon
Principal: Demetrius Ball
Highlights:  Michelle who teaches Core 7 and 8the grade is an enthusiastic educator.  His oversight of the Yearbook this year was noteworthy and despite the challenges of the year was completed on time.  Michelle assured that students on campus interacted safely while providing the best mid school experience possible.  Michelle shared that she had a passion for making school an enjoyable experience.
Neil Armstrong:
Teacher: Paula Tye
Principal: Jared Gagnon
Highlights:  Principal Gagnon introduced Paula, as a dedicated, passionate teacher. Despite a difficult year, she successfully shifted practice to a digital format.  Paula is an absolute delight embracing the virtual environment and extending herself to communicate to students on a frequent basis.  A second-grade teacher, Paula shared that she appreciates this Rotary honor and the support she received from peers, teachers and students.
Bollinger Canyon:
Teacher: Denise Kretzinger
Principal: Christine Offerman
Highlights:  Denise has been a kindergarten teacher for 19 years. She is the first face of public education who take great pride in working to develop parent confidence.  Even in a virtual setting, she has been a great role model with a vigorous curriculum.  Denise thanks Rotary, and is truly honored to be surrounded by amazing teachers and administration. Denise took up teaching in mid-life. She loves teaching kindergarten kids sharing with us that “it is a hoot”.
Twin Creeks:
Teacher: Denise Fox-Garcia
Principal: Shelli Kravitz
Highlights: Denise was described as an amazing teacher who is respected and loved by students. She teaches 5th grade and volunteered for a combo classes of 4-5th graders.  Viewed as a caring, dedicated teacher who puts student interests first, building a community in her classrooms.  She runs after school programs to help math and reading students.  Principal Kravitz said that she was “such a blessing to have her in our lives, teaching from heart and personalizing teaching” an “absolute treasure”.  Denise has been teaching for 15 years and looks forward to teaching in the future.
Golden View:
Teacher: Angelique Mcintosh
Principal: Meredith Bullock
Highlights:  Angelique, a 4th grade teacher goes above and beyond and embodies exemplary educator.  She stepped up as art teacher as a result of the school difficulty in recruiting. She touched over 600 kids in addition to her regular 4th grade duties. Angelique expressed her delight at having been selected for this honor.
Teacher: Janelle Melin
Principal: Katie Witt
Janelle is an outstanding educator meeting needs of all of her students.  She uses cutting edge technology and new forms of teaching such as bringing in art materials to engage students.  She oversaw the school Yearbook this year, a time-consuming enterprise.  She was described as a community builder.  Janelle is a product of San Ramon education, having attended elementary, middle and high school and growing up in the community with all her children going to local schools.  Janelle was unafraid to express her emotional appreciation for the award leaving many Rotarians in tears.
Walt Disney:
Teacher: Stephanie Matkins
Principal: Kelly Walton
Highlights:  Principal Walton congratulated all teacher award winners.  His nominee, Stephanie Matkins went beyond the call of duty taking on every committee assignment and expanding her 3rd grade duties to a 2nd and 3red grade.  The principle played a student video thanking Stephanie for her work.  Stephanie was surprised to be nominated and grateful for  being included among these other amazing teachers.
Melanie concluded the Rotary Club awards expressing our appreciation for the opportunity to recognize our teachers and their support Administration.  President Top Gun share with the teachers that Rotary can validate the fruits of their labors through the student products that have graduated from their classes.
Recognitions:  Much to the chagrin of some, President Top Gun indicated we had time to recognize special occasions of some of our members.
Geoff Disch wakes up to be recognized for his recent birthday.  He went to Piatti’s for dinner to celebrate and spend time with the family earning him an $80 recognition.
Kathy Gailey:  Kathy celebrated her May 3rd birthday with dinner and went to the lake.  Scott’s birthday was also celebrated with a dining experience resulting in a reasonable $40 recognition.
Chris Gallagher asked that all gifts for his upcoming birthday be held until he arrives back from Hawaii with fellow Rotarians Gary Sloan and Barry Toby.
Chris offered a sincere congratulations to Melanie on great job in presenting the Teacher Awards.
Gary Sloan indicated his surprise at having received a $500 check from Glen Weber thinking that Glen’s telephone hack last week ended with a contribution to Gary.  However, upon further review the donation was made out to the San Ramon Rotary Foundation as our first Auction Sponsor.
Raffle Results
Terry Koehne wins the draw but the blue marble is pulled.
Next Meeting Greeter – Herm Welm - May 13th
Next Week’s Program – John Coleman, EBMUD – Rates, Reservoir,
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Gary Sloan
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