Colette here, filling in for Carolyn - trying hard to keep up with all the answers! My apologies if I missed something or mischaracterized something. Carolyn has been diagnosed with Covid-19 and feeling tired in the afternoons. We all wish her a speedy recovery!
Here is a recap of our Tuesday evening Zoom meeting! I loved the variety of the answers, I expected a much narrower field of responses.
Our question was: If you could have a dinner conversation with anyone (past or present) who would it be and why? (Please exclude family members--we might have that conversation on another day)
It was great to see everyone, and we had a few guests! Norbert gave us an update on the progress of his pandemic ponytail which seems to be coming along nicely. Priya introduced us to Evan and he added that Priya had just cut off HIS ponytail! He still had plenty of hair left and became the envy of most of us at that point. Horace quickly changed the topic to beards so as not to feel too badly about his pandemic hair.
Geoff: Melania Trump - so he could ask her what’s wrong with her husband!
Melanie: Walt Disney – she’s a huge fan and would love to talk about his imagination and concept development.
Vera: Michelle Obama – for her non-profit expertise and worldliness!
Gobind: She recalled a recent conversation with her Brother-in-law and sister-in-law that brought back lots of fond memories for her.
Of course, Gobind got a phone call right after this. Just like every meeting! She’s the most popular person in our club……….
Norbert could not be confined to one answer: 1 – his younger self 2 – Leonardo DaVinci in today’s time so he could reflect on his inventions and how things played out over time 3 – Jesus in his own time so Norbert could glean some real-time historical info!
Tom P: Charlie Romero – his 1st year college roommate that seemed knowledgeable and worldly at the time.
Judy P: another welcome guest that could also not be confined to one answer: 1 – Matt Ridder, a Cal Poly Prof and accomplished speaker to pick his brain 2 – Marilyn Davies, a fascinating fellow gardener 3 – Astrologer Spencer John, because she is a huge fan and very interested in this field! Insider tip: after May 11 things will ease up so be patient!
Jerry: MLK, Jr. so he could discuss his life and policies on discrimination and racism.
Horace: 1 – Winston Churchill after WWII so he could thank him for his service and wisdom. 2 – The Good Samaritan from the Bible so he could thank him for providing such a wonderful example for the world to follow!
Gary: Also not one to be confined to a single answer, Gary would like to organize a town hall featuring Jesus, Mohammed and Moses and then ANOTHER group meeting with George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and A. Hamilton watching Fox News.
Priya: Benjamin Franklin - because he is the ultimate renaissance man with a wide variety of interests just like her. She also mentioned a valued spiritual leader like Jesus or the Dalai Lama for a moment of spiritual awakening.
Kathy G: Nelson Mandela – she has read so much about him that it would be wonderful to meet him and ask for advice in person!
Chris Gallagher: Tom Selleck for an opinion on the new Magnum PI show. Side fact: at the age of 20 Chris abandoned all and moved to Hawaii, but apparently couldn’t make the PI gig stick and returned to the East Bay (lucky for us!)
Mike T: 1 – Paul McCartney to find out how he developed his music and learn some history on song meanings. 2 - Willie Mays who he had the opportunity to meet many years ago and would like to know more about the best-ever player!
Pat: Vince Lombardi – The Packer’s coach from 1960-68 is the master of motivation and communication. Pat grew up in Milwaukee and has always been a huge fan.
Guy: John Kennedy – Guy has a huge amount of respect and always wonders what would have happened if he had lived.
Mary: This beloved guest reminded us that she had polio as a child, in an era that felt very familiar to how we are experiencing Covid-19. She has a great deal of respect for Jonas Salk and his dedication to finding a cure, for no profit, and reminded us to trust science!
Colette: Cesar Millan – she needs the dog whisperer to help with this new dog!
Carolyn, safely at home: I was originally going to say Winston Spencer Churchill because I have always admired his strength of conviction (I even named my son after him) but after the past 10 days I changed my answer to Robin Williams-- we all need a good laugh.  I have been watching his comedy on YouTube while I am quarantined 
It was also noted that Mike and Horace had matching bandanna masks! Horace took a beverage poll and found that most of us were not drinking alcohol this time. For those that were imbibing the choices were wine, beer, and scotch! See you next time………..