President-Elect Terry Koehne, filling in for an absent President Gallagher, rang his cowbell and opened the meeting by reminding us his year’s Rotary International President is Holger Knaack from the Rotary Club of Herzogtum Lauenburg-Mölln, Germany, and our theme is Rotary Opens Opportunities.
It is worth noting that PE Koehne was strikingly handsome in a purple Oxford button down shirt. This was a visual treat for all attendees, after nearly a year of plain white Oxfords favored by President Gallagher. 
Greeter, Brent Tucker - after putting on a hat to “remove the shine” on his screen - started with a thought provoking quote taken from Rotary Magazine: “If you find the goal, the means will come”. 
Brent joined Rotary in 1971(!). He talked of his lovely wife Terry, five children, and nine grandchildren.  He’s now happily working half-“ish” time in his real estate development company. 
Stephanie Lau and Tanya Belani from Interact and presenter Rachel Hurd joined this week’s meeting.  
Children’s Hospital – member Cheri Braga discussed the E-Spree fundraiser on May 6th – 9th which benefits UCSF.  This year, with help from donors and sponsors, Rowan will fund Spirometry equipment for the hospital’s Claremont Clinic. These provide on-site diagnostic testing for the most at-risk kids many of whom are uninsured and/or experiencing homelessness. These children are more likely than their peers to have asthma or other breathing difficulties. Each machine costs ten thousand dollars and the goal is to purchase four of them.  You can register and donate at
Trinity Center – this week is the final phase of collecting items for donation.  Given the deadline, the easiest way is now to visit Charity Lists ( where you can purchase donations to be delivered directly to Trinity Center’s facility.  Our club's virtual fundraising efforts for the Trinity Center have raised $3,550!  Thank you to members Kerry Richards and Karen McNamara for heading up this project.   In addition, Gary Sloan shared that Interact is collecting items, and also looking at an on-going relationship with Trinity Center. 
PE Koehne recognized Brent Tucker for his belated birthday back in January, and Guy Greco for Mary’s birthday on April 9th
Guest speaker, Rachel Hurd, spoke about the Leadership San Ramon Valley program. She was pleased to announce that next year’s program will be conducted with in-person classes!  Applications to the program opened on April 16th, and you can learn more and apply at
There are many members of SRR who are graduates of this program, including Gary Sloan, Terry Koehne, Chris Gayler, Mike Roberts, and Colette Lay. 
Leadership San Ramon Valley is a 10-month community engagement and leadership development program for people who live and/or work in the San Ramon Valley. The program is designed to provide current and emerging community leaders with the information and skills necessary to appreciate the resources, understand the issues, manage the challenges and lead in the rapidly evolving business, political, educational, cultural and social environment of the San Ramon Valley.  Since 1992, over six hundred leaders have graduated from this program.
Each class session is dedicated to a particular topic related to the community or for building the foundation of the class.  Engaging speakers, panelists, and involved community members or officials, share their unique experiences and expertise at each class session.  Class members interact with subject-area experts and each other through fieldwork assignments and complete a class project.
Class size is a maximum of 30 people, and classes are held the first Thursday of each month for 10 months.  Tuition is $1095, and some scholarships are available. 
Leadership San Ramon Valley’s objectives are created to help meet both professional and personal goals.
  • To foster an understanding of the issues, policies, and processes which shape the San Ramon Valley
  • To develop and strengthen leadership and decision-making skills
  • To create opportunities for interaction among community leaders and policymakers
  • To provide a forum for stimulating creative responses to community issues
Visit their website to learn more details about the program, including the Speaker Series.  And hit that “Apply” button if you’re interested!
In what is starting to look like a raffle conspiracy, Terry Koehne was the raffle winner again this week! That makes at least four, if not five, times he has won since the online raffle was initiated.  Only five marbles in that bag, but alas another blue one was pulled. 
The meeting was adjourned early at 12:45. Job well done, PE Koehne!   
Respectfully submitted - Julie McKinney, Scribe