By:  Hermann Welm
Our President, Colette “Lady Grizzly” Lay, opened the meeting by reminding us that the new R.I. President is Mark Daniel Maloney, of Decatur, Alabama, and his theme for the year is “Rotary Connects the World!”  Our Greeter, Julie McKinney, led us in the Salute to the Flag and presented the Thought for the Day:  Eighty percent of life is just showing up!
Julie introduced herself as “the mother of two teenage children, which was all that was needed to make us all feel sorry for her!
This Scribe was called upon to lead the group in the singing of the Patriotic Song, “My Country Tis of Thee!”
Visiting Rotarians:  Kathy Chiverton, of the Danville club and Patty Hoyt, of the Dougherty Valley club.
Other Visitors:  Lourdes Ylagan, Kendra Hoang and her mother, Annie Chu, plus Jenni Durand, Cal High English teacher.
Lady Grizzly reminded us of the Monthly Theme, Basic Education and Literacy.  Next week will be the last opportunity to bring in books for the Book Drive.  They accept: new, used, and vintage books that are clean and in good repair; CD's; DVD; and Audio books.  They do NOT accept: VHS Tapes; Encyclopedia sets; Textbooks, business, computer or health-related books more than 5 years old; Readers Digest condensed books; Time Life book sets, bibles, or dictionaries and magazines.  Books can NOT be damaged by mold, mildew, smoke, or water.
Ray Giles noted that The Rotary Foundation has added a new fund, to which donations can be directed.  It is the Disaster Relief Fund, which unlike the Annual Fund, does not route through the Districts.
Ray also presented Gobind Arnand with her Paul Harris plus 4 pin.  Congratulation and “thank you,” Gobind!
Lady Grizzly put up a slide noting upcoming events:
September 26 – StoryWalk Grant
October 10 – Official District Governor Visit
October 23 – 6 Club Dinner - Keynote Speaker is Jean Irwin-Hatfield
October 26 – Walk to End Alzheimer’s in San Ramon
November 7 – Veteran’s Lunch @ SRRMC
December 21 – Christmas Party
February 8 – Rise Against Hunger @ Cal High; 6-Club Service Project
Edgardo Carrillo presented an Award for Service to Guy Greco, who volunteers for several church and community organizations.  Congratulations, Guy!
Student of the Month:  Mike Thelen introduced Kendra Hoang, her mother, Annie Chu, and Jenni Durand, Cal High English teacher, who nominated Kendra as Student of the Month.  According to Jenni, Kendra is a very active volunteer, both at school and in the community: Color Guard, hospital, Senior Center, for the homeless and as a fundraiser.
Membership Items:
Julie McKinney was asked to recite the Four-Way Test to complete her assignments for the Blue Badge.  She did so perfectly  --  a somewhat rare moment, although most get the gist of it right  --  and became Rotary International’s newest Blue Badge!
Lourdes Ylagan, a former medical doctor, and now a Realtor, was presented to the membership by her sponsor, Vera Packard.  She was handed her Red Badge and was greeted by each of the members present.  Welcome aboard, Lourdes! 
Recognitions:  Somebody got hit up for $50.00, AND Lady Grizzly said something about “all members!”  This Scribe did not catch the exact words  --  hearing aids being repaired  --  but is fearing the worst!
Good News/Fine Free:   None.
Lady Grizzly introduced Kathy Chiverton and Patty Hoyt of the Discovery Counseling Center of the San Ramon Valley
Kathy began by noting that the Center was started by Rotarians in the early 1970’s as it became apparent that young people were going astray with the influence of drugs.  Since 1973, major support for the Center has come from the Thrift Station, located in the Crossroads Shopping Center, at 486 San Ramon Valley Blvd., Danville.
The Center has fifty therapists, either at the clinic or at each of the schools, plus it sponsors about thirty interns who need hands-on hours in order to get their own licenses.  All are engaged in mental health counseling for those undergoing some mental health crisis, such as grief, depression, stress, anxiety, and issues related to aging.  According to Kathy, about twenty-five percent of the population will be affected by these factors!
Referrals to their School Counseling and Intervention Program are frequently made due to students’ violating rules regarding marijuana, alcohol, smoking, and vaping.  While these offenses are subject to three-day suspensions, participating in the program can serve as an alternative.
Patty Hoyt spoke about the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Program (“ADAPT”), which deals in Parent Education about the dangers of condoning such activities at home, based on the theory that it’s safer if this activity happens there, under parental supervision.  Patty noted that there are often other young people present, whose parents may very well not agree to this approach!
Raffle:   The Greeter’s Gift of $20.00 was won by Vera Packard;  the chance of drawing the gold marble was won by Julie McKinney.  Unfortunately, she failed to pull out the gold marble and had to settle for $10.00 in cash!  Next week’s prize will be $110. 
Next Week’s Program:   Club business, including an update on Story Walk and the Auction.”  The Greeter will be a Rotarian, I think.