By: Dr. Bill
The Short-Timer, Colette Lay, imposed her will on the unruly e-mob.  She paid tribute to RI President Maloney, who will also be leaving office soon and is looking for a rental in Evanston, Illinois. Stand-in Greeter Chris Gallagher welcomed us with a Flag Salute and a Golden Oldie Thought for the Day from Pat Paterson (and Judge Judy!) that you don’t have to have a good memory if you always tell the truth.  Chris previewed his plans as the incoming president: “I’ll start slowly and taper off from there.” 
Virtual Happy Hour on Tuesdays at 5:00 p.m. See Carolyn Degnan for details.  Share pictures of activities with Ana Dominguez for inclusion in Crow’s Call.  June is Fellowship Month for Rotary: check our webpage for details.  We are donating our lunch money this month to Meals and Shields at Primo’s, providing lunches for care facility residents in San Ramon.   Lady Grizzly’s last meeting will be Thursday, June 25; be there or face the ursine wrath. We will be dark July 2; someone tell John Tatum.   This year’s RI convention will be virtual and free. Check web page for details.
From Loaves and Fishes. Contra Costa County, we had two executives, Janette Kennedy and Jolene Lafayette, who described the programs their organization runs for homeless or hungry residents of our area.  They thanked their Board member, Geoff Disch, who organizes fund-raisers for the group, especially golf tournaments.  The group has been around for 37 years and has served over five million meals.
It takes about 357 tons of donated food to fulfill their needs each year.  In the current crises they have continued to operate every day and have served 4,700 more meals in April than they did in March when Covid-19 hit us.  They offer daily meal service in Antioch, Oakley, Pittsburg, Martinez and at the Trinity Center in Walnut Creek.The organization also offers free food pantries at some of its kitchens. The food, 240 tons a year, is donated by local groceries. Loaves & Fishes also offers free clothing and dental/health supplies.  Before the pandemic the group offered a culinary arts program for training at its Pittsburg facility where food for all five kitchens is prepared and transported.Loaves and Fishes works with Rotary clubs throughout the county. In addition local restaurants, like Growler’s in Danville, provide free meals. Its primary fund-raisers will include an annual gala at Blackhawk Country Club on February 20, 2021 and a golf tournament in April.  Geoff Disch will provide details and reminders.  The group conducts non-touch food drives each month.  The next will be held at Shadelands in Walnut Creek on Wednesday, June 24 from 12 –2 at 325 North Wiget Lane.  Just drive up with your canned or non-perishable goods, pop the trunk and your contribution will be put to good purpose.  This was a timely and inspiring program.
Chris Gallagher, the club’s utility infielder, stepped in for the absent Juli  McKinney and called out fellow members. Gary Sloan announced that he was having ice cream for his birthday in celebration of successfully battling cancer; he still faces radiation treatments. Barry Toby, who gave us an intimate look of his left nostril, has been married to the long-suffering Cindy for 45 years.  Don Jones, who joined us after treatment, had his son Jared buy Cynthia a   birthday card. Guy Greco recently celebrated the 60th anniversary of his high school graduation; his old school asked if it was now possible for him to clear out his gym  locker.
Don’t forget Lady Grizzly’s last meeting next Thursday!