An uplifting story from the Philippines. A school friend of Lourdes (who became down and out)  is being helped by the community.
A Note from Lourdes:
If it hadn’t been for Carolyn's idea of digging baby pictures, I may not have seen that HS photograph, and I may not have gone to Facebook and found out about it! I was the last to donate, but I think they will not say no to any more donations. In fact, Ofelia has slowly given Susan her portion of the donation money because we don’t want the neighbors to think that she’s all of a sudden gotten a lot of funds and might get robbed in the process. So we are taking it a little at a time, cautiously, but surely. We also want her to document her progress on a weekly basis and post it on the Facebook group that we have. I can ask if it’s OK for outsiders to be a member of the group, so you can have access to the progress.